About Jim Munoz

Biography of Fine Artist Jim Munoz

I am a self-taught artist in the medium of fine art. I create my works with acrylics on canvas. My paintings include landscapes with people, animals, and anything else that brings me inspiration. I first became interested in art as a child, and continued to paint on and off throughout my life.

When I moved from Chicago to Arizona, I decided to pursue it more seriously. An accomplishment I am proud of is a mural I painted in the Anthem School library. It was honored in the Arizona Republic as well as other local newspapers. Since then, I have continued to create my art by painting in a unique way with detail, color, warmth, and a naturalness that is indicative of my work. I love meeting and talking to people, and that too inspires me to create my art. I am inspired by the great works of Rembrandt, Michelangelo, and Diego Rivera.